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St. Paul's R.C. Primary School As God's family we aspire to love, grow, learn and achieve beyond our dreams


Welcome to our Reception class


Our class motto is "I can" because the children are encouraged to believe they can do anything - all they have to do is try!


Our teaching team are Mrs. Bailey, Mrs. Hunt and Mrs. Eddleston the class teacher. We aim to offer your child a stimulating learning environment that enables them to learn through play. We encourage children to develop independence and the skills needed to prepare them for their school career.

We are a dedicated Early Years team and look forward to working with families as partners to ensure every child achieves their potential. If you have any questions please call in and speak to one of the team and we will try to support you and your child.

Our aim is for your child to enjoy their time in Early Years and to leave with many happy memories. If you have any concerns I am always available to listen and work with you.


Our topic this half term is “Emergency!” where we will be finding out all about people who help us.  We will be meeting our local Police Officers and will be asking them lots of questions to find out more about how the police help us.  We will also be meeting a firefighter and taking a look inside a fire engine.  We will be finding out about the fire service and more about doctors, nurses and hospitals.We will be doing an experiment to find out the importance of washing our hands and not spreading germs.  We will also be talking about dental care and finding out what we need to do to take care of our teeth.


We will of course be following the children's interests so will be exploring any other 'helpful' jobs that the children talk about.

R.E. Come and See

The focus of this term’s work in Religious Education is the theme of Local Church (Community) and Eucharist (Relating) The focus of this term’s work in Religious Education is other religions and the theme Eucharist (Relating) and Lent/Easter (Giving) 


Eucharist - Gathering - focuses on the ways the Parish family gather to celebrate the Eucharist.


Lent/Easter - Giving - focuses on looking forward to Easter.




Other Religions  Judaism         Islam    Sikhism   


Hinduism       Buddhism           



Phase 2 letters and sounds

Set 1 - s, a, t, p                                   Set 2 - i, n, m, d                                Set 3 - g, o, c, k

Set 4 - ck, e, u, r                                 Set 5 – h, b, f, ff, ll, ss,

Please click on the link below for resources:-


Phase 3 letters and sounds

Set 6 - j, v, w, x                                   Set 7 - y, z, zz, qu

Consonant Digraphs: ch, sh, th, ng

Vowel Digraphs: ai, ee, oa, oo , oo, ar, or, igh, ur, ow, oi, ear, air, ure, er

Please click on the link below for resources:-


Phase 4 letter and sounds

No new graphemes are taught in Phase 4. Instead several other skills are taught and we consolidate the phase 2 and phase 3 graphemes.

Please click on the link below for resources:-



Our topics for the year are as follows:-

 Autumn 1  Marvellous Me
 Autumn 2  Starry Nights - current topic
 Spring 1  Happily Ever After
 Spring 2  Emergency! 
 Summer 1  Animal Magic
 Summer 2         Up, Up, and Away 



Class Routines
Reading books - to be brought in everyday with their Reading record book signed each time.

Library books  -  to be brought in and changed on Monday. 

Homework - to be brought in on Monday and sent home Tuesday.

P.E. - is on Thursday.

Friday 22nd March Year 2 Class Assembly 2.30pm
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