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Summer 1 - Traders and Raiders

Traders and Raiders

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We had previously looked at the Year 1066 and how this shaped Britain. We then delved even further back and looked at the period of time 410AD up to 1066.


410AD - The Roman Empire has collapsed and two new invasions of Britain begin. The Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings!  


We discovered how and why these settlers came to Britain.  We also looked at their unique culture, beliefs and weapons.


Our Science topic this term was Food chains and Habitats.



Year 4 Viking Day


During our topic on Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings, we have been lucky enough to have a real-life Viking work with us for the day in class.  The Viking, Olaf, brought many artifacts to show us and told us much about life in Norway and why the Vikings came to England.  We also learnt about battle tactics and made shield walls against enemy projectiles.  To end this amazing day, we performed an assembly on the Vikings for the whole school to see what we have been learning this term.  Here are some photos and videos of our day.  


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Viking Assembly Part 1- compressed.m4v

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Viking Runes

In class we researched how Vikings used runes to write. We learnt that they carved runes into wood or stone and only used straight lines.  We found out how to write our names in runes and then carved our own runes into a bar of soap.



Here are some relevant websites for our topic

Year 6 will be performing their Production in the School Hall on Wednesday 19th July at 2pm and 6pm. The Teddy Bears Picnic was a great success on Thursday, the new Reception children enjoyed showing the current Reception class their cuddly toys. Congratulations to the Primary Engineers who came North West Runner Up with team Atom's moon buggy, on Wednesday 12th June.
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