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Autumn Half Term 2


Please find below the lesson plans and resource links for two weeks worth of English work. Any completed work can be emailed to our Remote Learning Leader, Mrs Tagari, at the address below:


The Y2 Maths booklets below provides your child with enough Maths work

for at least two weeks. Please allow your child to work through it at a 

steady pace and check their answers together using the answer

booklets provided. If you have any questions or queries about this Maths work, please contact Mrs Tagari by email at

Other Subject Areas

The links below will provide your child with appropriate activities for other areas of the Year 2 curriculum.


Uses of Everyday Materials




Follow this link to access a series of six lessons on tempo, dynamics and timbre.





The children will learn about dental health through a science experiment. 


You will need:

Egg shells

Clear cups

High sugar cola

Milk or water

High sugar sports drink, squash or juice drink

Labels for cups or sharpie pen



Additional Resources


If you wish your child to complete further work or online lessons, please refer to the links to the useful websites below: