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Please find below the lesson plans and resource links for two weeks worth of English work.


The Y5 Maths booklet below provides your child with enough Maths work for at least two weeks. Please allow your child to work through it at a steady pace and check their answers together using the answer booklet provided.

Other Subject Areas

The links below will provide your child with appropriate activities for other areas of the Year 5 curriculum.



Follow the link below to learn about the games played in Ancient Egypt!


Try playing Senet yourself.







Design and Technology


The children will be learning about the Ancient Egyptians.


We will be researching bread as part of our design and technology unit.


It would be great if the children could complete the comprehension about Egyptian food and if possible, have a go at making some Egyptian bread (this is optional).

Religious Education


The children are currently learning about the sacrament of marriage.


Using the information sheet, research the symbolism of each of the things that happens at a Christian wedding.


Answer the extension question.  What are the vows and why do you think some people feel that this is the most important part of the wedding?