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Friday 5th February

Maths answers Thursday 3.2.21

Maths WALT solve word problems involving measure.


WALT understand other Christian denominations.


Research a different Christian denomination; Methodist, Baptist, Anglicans, Pentecostal. 

Ask the questions:

-       When did this Christian denomination begin?

-       Who is its leader? Who leads the worship?

-       What do you notice that is special or different about it?

-       How do people worship?

-       What do they believe?

-       What is the same?



WALT sketch and then develop into a painting.


Children will sketch an outline of the famous 'Starry Night' painting and then add paint in the style of Van Gogh.


World Book Day March 4th - Bringing Poetry Alive. Children in school need to come in school uniform but can bring in a prop or accessory for their poem. Children who are online can dress up if they want to!
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