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Phase 5

The purpose of this phase is for children to broaden their knowledge of graphemes and phonemes for use in reading and spelling. They will learn new graphemes and alternative pronunciations for these and graphemes they already know, where relevant. Some of the alternatives will already have been encountered in the high-frequency words that have been taught. Children become quicker at recognising graphemes of more than one letter in words and at blending the phonemes they represent. When spelling words they will learn to choose the appropriate graphemes to represent phonemes and begin to build word-specific knowledge of the spellings of words.


New graphemes for reading:


ay - day                   oy -  boy                   wh - when          a-e  -  make            ou - out                 ir - girl

ph - photo             e-e  - these                ie -  tie                    ue  - blue              ew  - new                  i-e -  like

ea -  eat                  aw  - saw                   oe -  toe                    au  - Paul               o-e -  home              u-e  - rule