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Remote Learning 23rd June

Timetable for RMUnify live lessons

Monday 28th June

9:15 – Whole School Worship Assembly

10:30 - Phonics/Writing

11:30 – Maths

Writing focus – Write a list of as many people you can think of who help us (our current topic is people who help us)

Maths focus – coin recognition. Can you name all the coins?

P.E – no live lesson, but do some kind of exercise if you can. Go on the trampoline or do a kids yoga video online. Send in your pictures of you being active to seesaw!

Tuesday 29th June

9:15 – Phonics/Writing

10:30 – Maths

Writing focusChoose a person in school to write about. How do they help us?

Maths focus – Ordering coins – which is worth the most/least?

R.E for the afternoon (no live lesson) – St. Peter and St. Paul’s Day. Go through the powerpoint about St. Peter and St. Paul. Write facts you have learnt about them. Draw your own picture of St. Paul and colour in the picture of St. Peter.

Wednesday 30th June

9:15 – Phonics/Writing

10:30 – Maths

Writing focus – Write a thank you letter or card to somebody who helps us.

Maths focus – Who has the most money? Close your eyes and take a coin from the pile. Ask your adult to do the same. Who has the most? Add further challenge by taking more coins.

Design Technology – Design a house or building and discuss what builders do and how they help us. Can you build a house using lego or blocks? Send your pictures into Seesaw.

Thursday 1st July

9:15 – Art Day introduction

1:30pm – Art Day celebration showcase

Today we will be having our very own EYFS Art Day! Don’t worry if you don’t have a lot of materials at home, just work with what you have got.

This youtube channel is brilliant for teaching you how to draw different things. This one is for the puppy emoji:

The channel is called Art for kids hub.

What else can you draw?

Bring what you have drawn or made to the showcase at 1:30pm J

Thursday 21st October - Spooky Disco - KS1 - 6pm - 7pm; KS2 - 7.15pm - 8.15pm - £3 for a goody bag. Friday 22nd October - close for half term 3.20pm, return Tuesday 2nd November at 8.55am. Wednesday 17th November - New Parents for 2022 Open Afternoon.
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