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Lockdown learning 2021

Welcome to remote learning in Year 3!


If you're at home and you have access to the internet via a computer or tablet, your child can log on to Microsoft Teams and join our lessons to continue their learning at home


Please log in through

You received your log in's back in December. 

Your child will need to join Microsoft Teams through the  RM Unify application. (Your child has been shown how to do this and there are clear instructions on the email sent on 5/1/2021.) 

 If you do not have these details, please email the Y3 class teacher email address: 


Please see below the daily timetable. Any supporting resources will be uploaded onto Microsoft Teams for you to easily access when your child is logged onto our virtual lessons.

Please could your child be prepared with a pencil or pen and the Home Learning book provided by school. Do not forget to ensure that your child writes the long date for English/Reading and the short date for Maths. Children are required to write the WALT for each lesson.

Please encourage your child to complete all of their work to the best of their ability.

The maths activities can be completed on the squared paper provided. If there are any lesson tasks to go with each lesson that you cannot print off to complete then please don't worry. Just write your work out in the Home Learning book/ maths squared paper. 


Each year group will be carrying out blended learning differently. In Year 3 we will be trialling some live sessions each day. The morning lesson will begin at 9:15am and the afternoon session will begin at 1:00pm. In these sessions the children will take part in the whole class learning and will then be expected to go off to complete an activity independently. I am hoping that this will be the most effective way for your children to learn. 


I am available each day for any questions or worries that you have between 8:40am and 4pm. By the end of the day, please upload all copies of your child's work in the 'assignments' section on Microsoft Teams or alternatively send copies of all work to

I will return your child's work, marked with feedback, ready for the next day's learning. It is vital that the children receive feedback and praise for what they have completed and I also keep this work for evidence and assessment. 


Remember, this is new to us all and we are all learning to adapt to this new way of temporary teaching. There may be bumps along the way but do not worry, we will learn from our mistakes. Our growth mind-set attitude requires us to problem solve and work together as a team.


We look forward to working with you to support your children’s education.


Thank you for all your continued support.

Please find all links to possible Home Learning times that we may need access to over the upcoming weeks:


RM Unify




Purple Mash Home Learning


MyMaths Home Learning


Oak National Academy


BBC Bitesize Home Learning


Oxford Owl English


White Rose Maths Home Learning


Pobble 365 Home Learning


New years resolutions

Enjoy the summer holidays. See you on Thursday 2nd September.
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