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Spring Half Term 1


Please find below the lesson plans and resources for two weeks worth of English work. 


The Year 2 Maths booklets below provide your child with enough Maths work for at least two weeks. Please allow your child to work through at a steady pace and check their answers together using the answer sheets at the back of the booklets.


Uses of Everyday Materials


Go through the powerpoint to help you learn more about the Bible.

Then research one of the four Gospel writers (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John) and create a fact file using the information you have found out.

History and Geography

Look at the photographs of how houses have changed over time.

Then complete the task below about your own house.

Below is a map of our school and the surrounding area. Have a look at the places on it and see how many you recognise.

Then see if you can find a map of the area around your house and label some places of interest on it, e.g. local shops, school, church, etc.