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Thursday 7th

Today's Timetable


Please join Microsoft teams at 9:30.


In our first lesson we will be looking at the Feast of Epiphany.


Research the Epiphany, using these questions to help you.


What does the word Epiphany mean? (Definition)

What symbol is associated with the Epiphany?

How is the Epiphany celebrated around the world?

What are we celebrating on the feast of Epiphany?




Activities: Create a jar of hope. 


"All it takes is one good person to restore hope.“!

Pope Francis!


The Jar of Hope:

This week, think about the things that make you hopeful in these hard times. Find an empty jar

and decorate it as your Jar of Hope. If you can't fin one draw a jar and write all the things inside.


Write down the things that you are missing doing at the moment and put them in the jar. This

way, once the current crisis passes, you can look in your Jar of Hope and celebrate.

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