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Topic Autumn 1 - What are the famous landmarks in North America?


Our topic for the first half term is 'Roadtrip USA'. 


In this topic we are looking at the location of America; its geography and landmarks found there. We are also exploring  the Native Americans and their customs and culture.


In Science this term our topic is Electricity and we will be looking at Hamster alarms!


In Science we will be investigating circuits and will put our knowledge to the test. We will set a problem - a hamster keeps escaping its cage. Can we make a circuit that would set off a buzzer or bulb when the cage door was opened?


We will start off by making simple series circuits that uses the cage door as a switch. Then we will try to make the alarm more sophisticated by using a parallel circuit so the alarm would sound as soon as the cage door opens.


We will discuss the difference between series and parallel circuits and how it used to be a big job to fix Christmas lights in the past if one of the lights broke as they were connected in a series circuit!



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