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Topic Summer 1 - Why was Lancashire so important to British industry?

Traders and Raiders

Our topic this half term will be Traders and Raiders. We have previously looked at the Year 1066 and how this shaped Britain. We will then delve even further back and look at the period of time 410AD up to 1066.

410AD - The Roman Empire has collapsed and two new invasions of Britain begin. The Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings! We will discover how and why these settlers came to Britain as well as looking at their unique culture, beliefs and weapons.


Our Science topic this term will be Habitats and food chains.

Viking Visit


We will have a special visitor in school working with the children for this topic - Olaf the Viking!  Olaf will spend the day with Year 4 explaining why the Vikings came to England.  The children will learn about the Vikings way of life, how they made their ships, and Viking armed combat!  


Here are some relevant websites for this topic: