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English - WALT navigate texts to locate and retrieve information.

Maths - WALT count backwards through zero.



Good afternoon Year 4, I hope you are all well.


This half term, our topic focus is Living Things and their Habitats.


Your WALT for this afternoon is:


Describe how some animals are adapted to live in an Arctic habitat or a hot desert habitat.

Please write the date and WALT and underline using a ruler.


Follow the attached PPT to help you in your learning (I will attach a pdf document that you can also follow, but please note the hyper links won't work and you will need to type them in manually).


Read each page and watch the videos or look at the various clips on each slide. 

You will then create a fact file about your learning.


Any problems please email


Miss Halleron

Enjoy the summer holidays. See you on Thursday 2nd September.
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