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Thursday 7th January 2021

Islam Lesson 1

WALT understand the importance of quiet times for Muslims.

WALT understand why and how Muslims pray at home.


WALT find different combinations of coins that equal an amount of money.

Islam Lesson 2

WALT understand what life is like on a Muslim home.


Watch the video of the daily life of a Muslim boy at



Key Questions:

  • How is Yonis’ life the some as yours?
  • How it is different?
  • How easy would it be to learn Arabic to read the Qur’an? 

In the Muslim family the wellbeing of the family is the responsibility of the mother. Her work is in the home and it is considered to be as important as the father’s whose responsibility is to provide the family with an income and to protect the members of the family. Muslim children are expected to show respect to their parents and to look after them when they get old.


If the child goes to a Muslim school then they will learn the Qur’an there, if not they will learn it in special classes at the mosque. They are expected to work hard in school and to spend time with their families.

Muslims have strict rules about the food they eat, especially meat. They do not eat anything that is from a pig. Pork, bacon and sausages are not allowed. Any meat that they do eat has to be prepared in a special way. This is called halal. Muslims wash and pray before meals. The eldest person present always eats first. Drinking alcohol is strictly forbidden.


Muslims have several rules about clothes, they must dress modestly, and women must cover their hair. Different kinds of Muslims have different rules about dress.


Key Questions:

  • What do you notice is special about Muslim home life?
  • How do you think Muslim children respect their parents?
  • What shows you that family life is important for Muslims?


TASK : Write a diary about the day in Yonis' life. 



Islam Lesson 3

WALT understand that family and prayer are important for Muslims.


Children are an important part of a Muslim family, they are considered a gift from God and Muslims believe that a large family is a blessing. New born children are welcomed into the family by the father whispering into the ear of the baby: “There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his true messenger.” Muslims think that God is so special that this should be the first thing that the new baby hears. As the baby grows up, he or she will learn many more special names for God.


The baby’s first taste should be something sweet, so parents may chew a piece of date and rub the juice along the baby’s gums or put honey on its tongue.


When the baby is about a week old the baby is named, often with the name of people who are important to their parents and to other Muslims. The baby’s head is shaved and the hair weighed and its weight in silver is given to charity.


  • Why are children important in the Muslim family?
  • What do you think is the significance is of the sweet taste for babies?
  • What sort of names are given to Muslim children?



  • Make cards displaying some of the names Muslim parents might choose and decorate with Muslims designs (no people or animals) Hint: the most popular name for Muslims boys is Muhammad and for girls Aisha.
Thursday 21st October - Spooky Disco - KS1 - 6pm - 7pm; KS2 - 7.15pm - 8.15pm - £3 for a goody bag. Friday 22nd October - close for half term 3.20pm, return Tuesday 2nd November at 8.55am. Wednesday 17th November - New Parents for 2022 Open Afternoon.
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