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Tuesday 8th December

English - WALT read, discuss and collect effective words and phrases that capture the reader's interest and imagination.

This will be covered in an Online Lesson at 11am.

Maths - WALT identify lines of symmetry.


Complete the lesson on MyMaths before attempting the task that is set.

Times Tables - WALT to recall our 3 times tables division facts.

On Purple Mash practice your 3 times tables. Have a go at the test below if you would like a challenge.

Guided Reading - WALT evaluate the text, recounting the story and suggesting improvements.


Complete the Book Review on Purple Mash, giving a detailed recall of the events in the story. Think about what you enjoyed and what you would have added to make the story even better. Leave a star rating for your recommendation.

Science - WALT to investigate the process of condensation and record our findings.

Mrs. Dexter's Baking Online Lesson


If you are baking along with us, please make sure that you have pre-measured the ingredients. There will also be a Christmas Quiz during this! The Online Lesson will be at 1pm, and I will be reminding you of this in the morning's lesson.