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W/B 22nd Feb


Welcome back Team Year 1laugh

Spring term 2- goodness me our year together is flying by!

I am keeping everything crossed that we won't need to do much more of blended learning and that you will all be back in our crazy classroom very soon!


This term we are learning all about plants in Science! 

In Geography we are learning about the journey of chocolate (yummy)!

In Art we are looking at seasonal art/collage!

In English we are starting off with some short topics, a reading and respond week followed by poetry week! Then we are starting our traditional tales topic!!


Every Thursday 9:15-10:15am you will be taught PSHE virtually by Mrs Tagari, during this time I will be assessing children in phonics on a 1:1 basis.



This will be via Microsoft teams if your child is NOT in school, so please look out for a separate invite instead of joining the online PSHE lesson.


I am aiming to get through 4 children in the hour each week, whilst completing the assessment it is important NOT to support your child, they must read the words I give them independently, as tempting as it may be to give them a little nudge please refrain from doing so as it will not help their progress. Once assessed, I will identify gaps in your child's phonic knowledge and contact you with support materials and things you can use at home focussing on particular sounds that they are struggling withblush



Enjoy the summer holidays. See you on Thursday 2nd September.
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