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Remote Learning: 30.11.20- 04.12.20

Hello and welcome to our online learning platform!

Week 1


Attention: Important Update regarding work on OneDrive

I have updated the instructions on RM Unify to send computer work to the Y4 Teacher email as some has not come through automatically.

Thank you, Mr. Garsden.


What you need to be prepared for the online lessons:

Below you can find our week's timetable, which is where all the learning is set and explained!

Please ensure that your child has a pencil and paper ready for all the online lessons!


Contacting the teachers:

I am available each day for any questions, worries or anything at all that you would like to share between 8:40am and 4pm via the email account



Please ensure that all completed work is emailed to me at the end of each working day (or week if you have informed me otherwise). It is vital that the children receive feedback and praise for what they have completed and I also keep this work for evidence and assessment. 

Thank you!


We are in this together!

Remember, this is new to us all and we are all learning to adapt to this new way of temporary teaching. There will be bumps along the way but do not worry, we will learn from our mistakes/mishaps!

I also understand that lots of you will now be working from home and trying to juggle work and school, so please just try your best, that is all you can do.


We look forward to seeing you on Monday! 

Thank you for all your continued support.


The Year 4 Team

Week 1 of Home Learning:

Key for Activities:

Red Group - Mild / 1 star

Green Group - Medium / 2 stars

Blue Group - Spicy / 3 stars


Thank you so much for all your patience and support on our first day of online learning. It was tricky for us both and we managed it! Well done!


As we are always looking to improve, please do not feel the activities need to be printed out, please complete the work in the books/squared paper provided and send us screenshot pictures. As always, complete what you can, as we know you are trying so hard at home and do not worry about finishing any work for a certain day - just try your best!


You are all superstars!



Mrs. Dexter's Baking Lesson - 8.12.2020


Mrs. Dexter will be leading an Online Lesson on Tuesday 8th December at 1pm for everyone to come and bake together - even if you are not baking, please do feel free to join anyway and watch as Mrs. Dexter creates a masterpiece and Mr. Garsden creates a mess.


We will be making chocolate brownies, and here are the ingredients you will need if you would like to bake along with us. If you are baking along with us, please measure out these ingredients beforehand:


200g dark chocolate

250g of margarine

200g caster sugar

4 eggs

4 heaped tablespoons of self-raising flour

6 level tablespoons of cocoa powder


You will also need a large bowl, a mixer or wooden spoon and a deep baking tray (or even a lasgna dish!)