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St Paul's RC Primary School home page

St Paul's R.C. Primary School

As God's Family We Aspire To Love, Grow, Learn

And Achieve Beyond Our Dreams


Welcome to the home of the Chaplaincy team


On this page you will be able to see what we've been doing and what our future plans are.


The Chaplaincy team play a vital role in the Spiritual life of our school and are supported by our Chaplaincy leader Mrs. Hunt.



Our Chaplains

The Chaplaincy team carry out numerous duties throughout the year including:


Weekly assemblies to year groups, helping them to understand the principles behind the 7 Catholic social teachings.

•Supporting Liturgy, prayer and spiritual life in school.

•Developing stronger links within our parish and community.

•Encouraging the children to live out their faith in their daily lives.

Reciting bible stories and Gospel readings to the children.

•Promote our school mission statement.


The Chaplains fill out an action plan at the beginning of the school year.

Here they discuss their hopes, strategies, impact and outcomes.


Being a Chaplain is a very important role at St. Paul's, because each Chaplain helps to support and develop Catholic life in our school. Pupils apply for this role in Year 4 by letter. The Chaplains, with guidance from Mrs Hunt read through the applications and select 4 candidates. They are then trained by the existing Chaplains and are commissioned by our parish priest.


The Chaplains are model representatives for our school, they lead by example and love as God loves us.


As God's family, we aspire to love, grow, learn and achieve beyond our dreams.