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Year 1

W E L C O M E !

Welcome to Year 1- Home learning yes


I hope you have enjoyed your first 2 weeks of home learning! As a school we have decided to not set homework over the Easter Holidays, however I am aware that some of you wanted to keep up with a routine of learning therefore I will be setting optional tasks on Purple Mash and My Math's. Remember there are lots of games on both of these sites that children can access whenever they like!

Also, underneath I have attached some images to create your own Time Capsule! This is a great thing to do over Easter with your children:-)


The website we use for our daily classroom worship and weekly assemblies have created these resources to use at home.  As next week is Holy Week, we hope that you find some time for prayer and reflection. The resources below will help.

Sunday 5 April 2020
Copy and share this link:

w/c 6 April 2020 (Holy Week)
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15 Prayers During School Closure

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Wishing you a very happy and Holy Easter,

Miss Hall heart x



Please remember to keep emailing your pictures of your learning to '' With 'FAO MISS HALL' as the subject!

Keep checking this page as I do update it regularly! Happy learning :-)

Miss Hall x


Below are all the details for home learning the week commencing 30th March:

(For other areas of learning see the home learning folders, please check purple mash daily for other topic activities including a spelling test every Friday! 

I have also added phonics this week- please use phonics play or any other games you may find to revise the sounds!




Find all Activities on my mathsJ




Monday 30th


Comparing measures

(My Maths)

Please watch and listen to the story- the day the crayons quit

-Talk to the children throughout the story and use different questions to assess their understanding!


Answer the following questions based on the story: These can be copied out onto a sheet of paper or through discussion!

  • Why do you think the crayons wanted to quit?
  • Why was the Purple Crayon upset?
  • Why did grey crayons day that Duncan was ‘killing him?’
  • Do you think Yellow Crayon and Orange Crayon are friends?
  •  Why does Blue Crayon need a break?
  • What did Duncan receive at the end of the story and why?

Please revise the sound 'ea' (leaf, treat, seat, beat)



Tuesday 31st

Comparing Lengths

(My Maths)

Choose 3 coloured crayons  from the story- Can you draw or make a box of crayons- each crayon needs a sign containing their problem..

e.g: red crayons would say 'I NEED A REST'

The more creative the better!

Please revise the sound 'oy' (toy, boy, soy)



Wednesday 1st

Children in year 1 must know how to tell the time and know 'half past' and 'o clock'


-Today start to introduce the concept of time- use your clocks in your home learning packs!

Can you write a reply on behalf of Duncan to the crayons! Remember he really wants them to come home so you need to persuade them by using lots of persuasive language!!

Please revise the sound 'ir' (girl, swirl, twirl, firm)



Thursday 2nd

Continue to work on time with your children today- draw clocks and ask them to work out what time it is!

-There is a task on my maths for you to have a go at!

Set your crayons free- draw a picture of anything you like BUT don't use the normal colours that you would use!

Look at my example below, I have a pink elephant and a blue giraffe!!

Please revise the sound 'ue' (blue, rescue, cue, statue)




Friday 3rd


Understanding time

(My Maths)

Can you write a letter from an object that gets used in our classroom and when we are all together again we will make our own book!!

You can use whatever you want, sharpeners, rubbers, felt tips, rulers, books etc! Think of at least 3 reasons why your object is going on strike and write it all down in the letter! You can use the template if you have a printer- if not you can create your own!

Please revise the sound 'aw' (fawn, raw, draw, straw, hawk)





Time Capsule images- Print off and complete :-)

Miss Halls- setting the crayons free!!

Miss Halls- setting the crayons free!! 1

Year 1 Home Learning- keep up the good work everyone!

Home learning- Potion making with Winnie the Witch!

Still image for this video

TUESDAY 24TH MARCH- UPDATE FROM MISS HALL :) - Also check out our class blog on purplemash: click sharing-shared blogs-year 1 blog!

Still image for this video
Hi Year 1, I hope you are all enjoying your home learning- if you wish to send a picture of your learning then please do via the email address below and we will add to our home learning page!

W E L C O M E !


Welcome to Year 1!


My name is Miss Hall and I am the class teacher in Year 1! 

We are very lucky to have three learning support assistants in Year 1, they are Mrs Booth, Miss Riding and Mrs Melia! Mrs Hayes also teaches in Year 1 every Friday afternoon.

We always try our very best and have lots of fun whilst learning!




  • PE is every Wednesday Afternoon- please make sure all PE kits and bags are labelled!
  • Spellings will be put in reading records every Monday along with the results from the previous week. Spelling tests take place every Friday.
  • Homework is sent out every Tuesday and collected in for marking on the following Monday.



In Year 1, we encourage the children to be independent. In the morning we expect the children to put their reading books and reading record into the box. We change reading books at least twice a week, please help us by reminding your child to put their book in the box if they have finished reading their book at home. 


If you have any questions, queiries or even some news to share,  please do not hesitate to contact me by leaving a note in your child's reading record- or for a formal appointment please contact via the office.


Thank you for your continued support,


Miss Hall heartlaugh




Termly Curriculum Webs!

Topic web for the year.

Reading and Phonics in Key Stage 1

13.02.20: ROYAL DAY!! As our latest topic has been 'The history of the Royal family', today we threw our very own Royal tea party! We all came dressed to impress and we had so much fun! Even Year 6 wanted to join in! We made our own party food, flags and even took part in a royal quiz! Thank you parents for the amazing costumes and donations of extra party snacks! We had a great day :)

03.02.20: We have been learning all about the history of the Royal Family! In English we learnt how to construct a letter and we all had the chance to write one to the Queen! So today, as a special treat, off we went to post our letter in the local post box! We learnt all about what happens at the sorting office and we are hoping the Queen replies to our letter :)

POO INVESTIGATION!! In science we have been learning all about different types of animals. We investigated different types of poo (don't worry it wasn't real) and decided which poo belonged to each animal group!

Animal Visit- We we're very lucky to have a visit from Gemma at ZOO2U! She brought lots of different animals to show us, we learnt all about them and even got to hold them if we wanted! We had so much fun!!

Wishing you a Happy and Holy Easter. Please see Mr Foster's Easter message on the class pages.
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