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St. Paul's R.C. Primary School As God's family we aspire to love, grow, learn and achieve beyond our dreams

Year 6

Welcome to Year 6 Home Learning.

'As God's family we aspire to love, grow, learn and achieve beyond our dreams.'



Welcome to our Year 6 Home Learning page smiley


This page will be updated regularly, with lots of different activities for you to complete whilst you are at home.


Please check this page frequently for updates.

Year 6 Home Learning weekly timetable

Monday 6th April - Friday 17th April

Easter break - No work set


Please complete all booklet activities in your Maths or English Home Learning book with the date and title of each page.


Please see MyMaths and Purple Mash for daily activities and don't forget to add to our class blog! 


Keep smiling and stay safe,

Mr. Turner laughyes



Monday 30th March

Tuesday 31st March

 Wednesday 1st April

Thursday 2nd April

Friday 3rd




My Maths)


M1 - Page 13

M5 - Page 20

M+ - Page 12

M6 - Page 19


MyMaths activity


M1 - Page 14

M5 - Page 21

M+ - Page 13

M6 - Page 20


MyMaths activity


M1 - Page 15

M5 - Page 22

M+ - Page 14

M6 - Page 22


MyMaths activity


M1 - Page 16

M5 - Page 23

M+ - Page 15

M6 - Page 23


MyMaths activity


M1 - Page 17

M5 - Page 24

M+ - Page 16

M6 - Page 24


MyMaths activity




Purple Mash)

'Dual World' questions 1-6

See below for resources


 Reading activity on Purple Mash


'Dual World' questions 7-14

 See below for resources


Reading activity on Purple Mash


TQB1 - Pages 2/3

R2 – Pages 6/7/8

R3 – Pages 3/4/5


Reading activity on Purple Mash


TQB1 - Pages 4/5

R2 – Pages 6/7/9

R3 – Pages 3/4/6


Reading activity on Purple Mash


TQB1 - Pages 6/7

R2 – Pages 6/7/10

R3 – Pages 3/4/7


 Reading activity on Purple Mash



Purple Mash)


GPS1 - 11

GPS5 - 14/15

GPS+ - 11



GPS1 - 12

GPS5 - 16/17

GPS+ - 12



GPS1 - 13

GPS5 - 18/19

GPS+ - 13



GPS1 - 14

GPS5 - 20/21

GPS+ - 14



GPS1 - 15

GPS5 - 22/23

GPS+ - 15



We will be setting topic-based activities when appropriate.


Aim for 30 minutes exercise daily. 

Joe Wicks daily workout at 9am


Thursday 2nd April 2020

Easter update 


Dear parents and children,

The website we use for our daily classroom worship and weekly assemblies have created these resources to use at home.  As next week is Holy Week, we hope that you find some time for prayer and reflection. The resources below will help.


Sunday 5 April 2020


w/c 6 April 2020 (Holy Week)


15 Prayers During School Closure


Wishing you a very happy and Holy Easter,

Mr Turnersmiley

Dear Parents/Carers,

As you are aware, due to the recent news of school closures after Friday 20th March 2020, we will be preparing home learning for your child, which will be accessible on the school website. Please check the school website frequently to access this information.

Work will be set for the week. An overview of which will be available on the Class Page to be updated regularly. We will be using mainly the revision booklets provided, Purple Mash and My Maths.


There are many other useful educational resources online. Here are a few examples:


If you need to contact a member of staff regarding your child’s home learning, please email us at and put FAO and 'Mr Turner' in the subject bar. We appreciate all the support given at this time and will endeavour to update you appropriately.

Kind regards,

Mr. Turner



Welcome to Year 6.

'As God's family we aspire to love, grow, learn and achieve beyond our dreams.'


The pride of St. Paul's.

We are one big team in Year 6 and the children are the forefront of this vision. 


My name is Mr. Turner and I am the Year 6 class teacher.

We have an amazing team in Year 6 as Mrs. Redman, Miss Austin and Miss Halleron support us in our learning.


Each child at St. Paul's looks up to the children in Year 6, which is why we expect the highest standards of behaviour and achievement.

In Year 6, we always try to do our best throughout school. 


We work hard and put 100% in to everything we do.

Class information



(Standard Attainment Tests)

Monday 11th May 2020 to Thursday 14th May 2020

GPS (Grammar, punctuation and spelling)


Maths (Three separate papers)



Homework will be given out on a Tuesday.

English and Maths exercises relating to recent class work.

There will be occasional topic work also.


All homework should be completed and handed in by Monday.

If your child encounters any difficulty with their homework/spellings, please encourage them to speak to either myself, Mrs. Hunt or Mrs. Redman as soon as possible. Alternatively, please leave a note in their reading record. 



We set high expectations for Year 6 children to read at home.

We encourage them to read every night for at least 10 minutes. A minimum of 1 hour over the week. We ask for a parent/guardian's signature each week to show this.



Spellings to be given out on Monday morning and tested on Friday morning.

Your child will write their weekly spellings in their reading record. Please encourage your child to practise their spellings at home.

Curriculum information



Daily whole class guided reading sessions with comprehension activities 

Daily SPAG sessions to support understanding of GPS

Specific skills and feature lessons to embed skills in to writing



Daily fluency, reasoning and problem solving activities

Number, fractions, ratio and proportion, algebra, measurement, geometry and statistics. 



Come and See curriculum

Unit 1 - Loving

Unit 2 - Vocation and commitment

Unit 3 - Expectations

Unit 4 - Sources

Unit 5 - Unity

Unit 6 - Death and new life

Unit 7 - Witness

Unit 8 - Healing

Unit 9 - Common Good



On-going demain - Working scientifically


Animals including Humans 

What systems make up the human body and what does each function do?


Living things and their habitats

Why do we need to classify living things?


Evolution and inheritance

How could variation and adaptation lead to evolution?



How can we control the flow of electricity?



How does light reflect, absorb and enable us to see?


Foundation Subjects

(History) - Autumn 1

What's in a name? A child's war 


(Geography) - Autumn 2

How did the war change where I live? 


(History) - Spring 1

Who was making history in faraway places around the year 1000? 


(Geography) - Spring 2

What is the difference between the Arctic Circle and the Antarctic Circle?


(History) - Summer 1

Why did the rail network expand and grow? 


(Geography) - Summer 2

What are the differences in climate zones around the world? 




Our P.E. sessions will take place on a Monday afternoon.

Please ensure that P.E kits are always in school and are clearly labelled.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to come in and speak to me as soon as you can, or leave a note in your child's homework diary. For a more formal appointment, please contact the school office. Thank you!


We look forward to a successful, joyous and enjoyable year ahead!


The Year 6 team.

Wishing you a Happy and Holy Easter. Please see Mr Foster's Easter message on the class pages.
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