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Year 4



Hello everyone!

It's Mrs Rigby here. I will be setting your home learning for the next few weeks so if you have any questions or would like me to see any of the work that you have done, please email me at and FAO 'Mrs Rigby' in the subject bar.



I hope that you and your families are all safe and well. I can see how hard you have all been working and I hope you have all been having lots of fun too.







Home Learning Timetable 

Week beginning 29th June 2020

English and Maths

Mon 6th July









My Maths – always do the lesson first before attempting the questions. Attempt all questions.

There are some good videos and extra lessons on BBC Bitesize if you are struggling or want some extra practise.

Maths tasks will be set daily on either My Maths or Purple Mash.

My Maths


Number and Place Value 4


My Maths


Addition and Subtraction 4

My Maths


More Multiplying

My Maths


More Short Multiplication

My Maths


The Distributive Law


Extension activities can be found on Oak Academy and NCTEM if you want some extra tasks.









Tasks are on Purple Mash unless otherwise stated. All resources needed are included below.


Research and Writing



Link to topic work on “Environment”– see detailed plan below.


Purple Mash: Reading Comprehension


Alien Hotel


Read Chapter 7 and answer the online questions.






Purple Mash: Writing




Book Review

(set as a 2Do)


Now that the story has ended, it is time to write a book review about Alien Hotel.


What was your favourite part of the story?

Would you recommend this story to someone else?


Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar



1. Complete the activities on the SPaG Mat 2 (see below).



2. BBC Bitesize -Using inverted commas to show speech at



a) Watch the short video clip to learn about what inverted are and how they are used to show speech.

b) Read the information under the video clip.

c) Song – learn about inverted commas with Mr. Smith




Activity 1: 

Complete the quiz on the BBC Bitesize page


Activity 2:

Complete the Comic Strip Speechactivity sheet (see below).


Activity 3:

Be the Teacher activity sheet (see below).

Purple Mash: Spelling




Spelling tests – there are two tests this week – statutory words from Year 3 and 4 list.


If you wish to do any extra comprehension or writing activities, have a look on Pobble. It’s free for parents to register and there are lots of activities being uploaded regularly.






Task 1 – BBC Bitesize Weather and Climate

a) Watch the video clip about weather at

b) Read the information:  What is weather?    What is climate?    Climate change

c) Look at the photos of the different types of weather

d) Quiz - Test your knowledge of weather and climate


Task 2 - What is the weather like around the world?

a) Use the Climates around the world power point (see below) to find out about the climate in different places around the world. There are 10 places to learn about on the power point.

b) Choose three of the places and produce a fact file for each of them. 

Remember to include:


Facts about the climate on the place

Any extra information about the place from your research

If you send me a photo of your work, I will put it on the class page so you can share your work and see what your friends have been up to.


Task 3 – Weather and Natural Disasters


Look at the photos on the Natural Disasters power point (see below).

b) Find out about natural disasters such as forest fires, earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, tornadoes, etc..

c) Research which countries are most likely to have a snowstorm, torrential rain, heatwaves, etc..


Task 4 – Climate Change – Greta Thunberg

Read the text about Climate Change – ‘Greta Thunberg’ and answer the questions.


Task 5 Recycling Mascot

Using recycled materials, design and make a recycling mascot to spread the word about the importance and need to recycle as well as looking after our common home.


Think about:

What is your mascot going to look like?

Which materials are you going to use?

How are you going to join the materials together?


Once you have finished your mascot, remember to evaluate it:

What would you do differently next time?

Which parts did you find the most challenging and why?


Record your work in your homework book.

Picture 1

Bolton Music Service - Music at Home

Bolton Music Service - Music at Home 1

Fabulous Home Learning

Fabulous Home Learning 1
Fabulous Home Learning 2
Fabulous Home Learning 3
Fabulous Home Learning 4
Fabulous Home Learning 5
Fabulous Home Learning 6

Please click on the icons below to see our fantastic learning for each half-term in Year 4.

Please see Latest News Documents under News and Events regarding the postponment of the phased return of children to school following advice from Blackburn with Darwen and Public Health.
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